・゚☆✧ soft n’ chill ♡ | kpop playlist

hi ily♡♡

00:00 Nap of a star – tomorrow x together
04:02 hug – seventeen
06:46 fallin – kim feel
10:16 closer – knk
14:40 that’s alright – we are young
18:05 koh samed – ha hyungsang
22:26 with you – the rose
25:55 serendipity – bts
30:32 beautiful – crush
34:20 sing for you – exo
38:20 lonely – kim woosung
41:30 – spring day – bts
46:04 my love, i still – i’ll
50:16 scenery – v
55:00 me after you – paul kim
59:42 stay here – gaho
1:03:30 yanghwa brdg – zion, t
1:07:21 campfire – hong isaac
1:12:05 gravity – jung jinwoo
1:15:35 no longer – nct
1:20:33 and i – nu’est w
1:24:31 light – ateez
1:28:10 when you love someone – day6
1:32:00 hoi an – moonmoon
1:36:16 i.l.y – the rose
1:39:50 miracle – got7
1:44:00 she’s in the rain – the rose
1:48:00 remember you – ha sungwoon
1:51:56 i promise you – wanna one
1:56:12 the truth untold – bts

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20 thoughts on “・゚☆✧ soft n’ chill ♡ | kpop playlist

  1. •|TIME STAMP|•

    00:01 Nap of a star – [TXT]
    04:02 Hug – [Seventeen]
    06:46 Fallin – [Kim feel]
    10:16 Closer – [KNK]
    14:40 That’s alright – [We are young]
    18:05 Koh samed – [Ha hyungsang]
    22:26 With you – [The rose]
    25:55 Serendipity [Jimin]
    30:32 Beautiful – [Crush]
    34:20 Sing for you – [EXO]
    38:20 Lonely – [Kim woosung]
    41:30 Spring day – [BTS]
    46:04 My love, I still – [I’ll]
    50:16 scenary – [V]
    55:00 Me after you – [Paul Kim]
    59:42 Stay here – [Gaho]
    1:03:30 Yanghwa brdg – [Zion-t]
    1:07:21 Campfire – [Hong isaac]
    1:12:05 Gravity – [Jung jinwoo]
    1:15:35 No longer – [NCT]
    1:23:33 And I – [Nu’est W]
    1:24:31 Light – [Ateez]
    1:28:10 When you love someone – [Day6]
    1:32:00 Hoi an – [moonmoon]
    1:36:11 I.L.Y – [The rose]
    1:39:50 Miracle – [GOT7]
    1:44:00 She’s in the rain [The rose]
    1:48:00 Remember you – [Ha sungwoon]
    1:51:56 I promise you – [Wanna one]
    1:56:12 The truth untold – [BTS]


  2. having nap of a star and hug first was a punch in my feels 😭💔💔 and then i heard sing for you, i’m crying. i used to listen to sing for you on repeat when it came out, and specifically I loved listening to the chinese version. it’s a good thing promise isn’t in here or else i would be sobbing 😭😭

  3. I don’t understand korean but i still love korea and korean culture. Trying to learn korean. Listening to this playlist and crying i don’t know why…..

  4. When I heard “she’s in the rain” for the first time I started crying, I’m still listening to it and I’m still crying, I don’t know why I’m crying but it feels good. (Edit: I think it’s because of the lyrics “she’s dying inside, she wants to think that it’s a lie” I’m not sure if those are the exact lyrics but that’s what I’m hearing, those words speak to me so much and it honestly feels good to let all my emotions out, I love this song so much! Just remember it’s ok to cry, some people say that it shows a kind of weakness but crying doesn’t make you weak it makes you healthier and stronger, it’s not healthy to keep all those feeling inside you, when your feeling stressed or Overwhelmed take a break and let it all out, scream into your pillow, cry until your drowning, write in a journal, do what ever you can to let those emotions out. I know that these times can be stressful and overwhelming but try to stay positive!! Stay healthy and safe! Lots of love 💗

  5. ~°••BTS••°~

    25:55 • serendipity • By Jimin

    41:30 • Spring day •

    50:17 • Scenery • by V

    1:56:12 • The Truth Untold •

  6. LMAO my sleeping schedule is a mess and my parents were literally so mad so im here 😭 btw NAP OF A STAR is a great start.

  7. this playlist is soooo good omg. day6 when you love someone is an all time favorite

  8. Will leave this comment here and see how much things have changed a year from now. I’ll be taking up the courage to change my life. If I’m not gonna take this chance, nothing will ever change.

    This playlist is like a big pillow that I can cry on. Thank you for compiling this 😭💕

  9. My headache Is killing me but this playlist Is pure relax, i forgot about all my worries and my anxiety

  10. I can’t find this playlist on Spotify!!
    I made one with this exact list for now because it’s sooo good but I’d rather follow yours if you have one made!

  11. most people would listen to this to study or to sleep but i like listening to this and daydreaming, what life would be like tomorrow or next year, where i would be a year later or who i’d be when i’m older, i’ve obviously got a while before i can actually think about stuff like that but it makes me happy thinking about my future, being away from home will be tough but i’ll get used to it, leading my own life and what the future can hold. this just makes me feel at peace and happier….so thank u for making this playlist ☁🎀💟

  12. is it weird that i suddenly feel so happy just over the fact that NOAS is played in the top of this beautiful playlist?

  13. i found the perfect playlist
    i recommend listening to this when your
    – happy
    – sad
    – overwhelmed
    – about to or are crying
    – studying
    – angry
    – sleeping (maybe)
    – when you have an anxiety attack (i’m not sure how they work so maybe afterwards?)

  14. Not at me listening to this while making a presentation because my laptop is lagging so much that I think I’m gonna go crazy

  15. I was rather sad throughout the playlist and then near the end got7’s miracle started playing and I became so happy!!
    Our boys are so terribly underrated that I didn’t even expect them to be included in any playlist despite the fact that they’re amazing💚
    Anyway just wanted to say thanks for making my ahgase heart happy😊

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