1 Best Extreme Metal Songs of Each Year [1981-2019so far] । Evolution of Metal Music

Evolution of Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Metalcore is the latent subject of this video. It will give you a glimpse of how metal became so extreme and how metal changed through years. Mainstream media is always being the determinant of the success of the tracks released in a year. But Distorted counted only the reverence of the great Metal Songs
*None of the clip or track used in the video, is owned by Distorted. all of the credits of media contents are held by the owners*
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20 thoughts on “1 Best Extreme Metal Songs of Each Year [1981-2019so far] । Evolution of Metal Music

  1. fast as a shark/Accept souvent considérée comme l’une des toutes premières chansons de pur speed metal

  2. 2004 really should’ve been Slaves Shall Serve by Behemoth. One of the heaviest, most face melting songs I’ve ever heard

  3. Left out the father of shock rock/metal but that’s fine… not like Antichrist Superstar wasn’t a huge hit or anything…

  4. My only issue with this is having the option to include Raining Blood and passing over it for another song from the same album. Is this supposed to be based on popularity or not?

  5. 10:37 Meshuggah is actually classified as djent or D jent as Steveterreberry calls it. But Progressive metal yes. Math metal bot too sure.

  6. Cannibal Corpse 1 song and Opeth 3 songs???? Man…. it’s unbelievable. And you talk about extreme metal without Napalm Death??? Veeeeeery weird…

  7. Surprised to see Alcest in there ?. Good list , enjoyed it ! (2005 Heaviest matter of the universe would have been nice too) still good though

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