1 Hour of Happy Pop Music Mix πŸŽ‰

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00:00 Basixx feat. G Curtis – I’m Just an Accident Waiting to Happen
03:23 waykap feat. Emmi – You’ll Be on My Mind
06:31 Hallman feat. ELWIN – What Do We Do to Love
09:28 Lvly feat. Emmi – Mom’s Old Hatchback (In Too Deep)
12:34 spring gang feat. Ebba – Move to the Rhythm
15:39 Craig Reever feat. Cleo Kelley – Lucky Me
18:33 Basixx feat. Frigga – Like a Hurricane
21:47 Lvly feat. Mia Pfirrman – Out on the Roof
25:14 Lvly – Brand New (Helium)
28:06 CLNGR feat. Ed Mills – Be Your Light
31:39 Tape Machines feat. Mia Pfirrman – Boomerang
34:47 Loving Caliber, Hallman feat. Johanna Dahl – Move Your Body (Hallman Remix)
38:38 waykap feat. Carrie – It’s You And Me
41:25 Lvly feat. Emmi – Not about Us
45:06 Loving Caliber feat. Mia Pfirrman, Deek Cloud – Like A Ricochet (Deek Cloud Remix)
48:55 Tape Machines – Roll with the Punches
52:02 Loving Caliber, Hallman feat. Mia Pfirrman – Say We’re Sorry (Hallman Remix)
55:20 CLNGR feat. G Curtis – Inside All Night
58:43 House Of Say – Do You Think of Me

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  2. I love this .
    Request: can you create a music with 70 percent hip pop with 30 percent study kind of like lofi but more more more more hip pop

  3. Even though this playlist may not put me into a good mood in the first 10 minutes, 1 hour is enough to make me happy and full of energy!

  4. God : you have one more hour to live
    Me : could you give me an hour, two mins and 1 second?
    God : why
    Me : *shows playlist* i want to listen to this
    God : I shall give you 2 hours, four mins and 2 secs.

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