1 Hour With The Best Baroque Guitar Classical Music Ever – Focus Meditation Reading Concentration

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00:00:00 Bach – Prelude In D Minor BWV999
00:02:08 Weiss – Fantasie
00:05:39 Bach – Suite In E Major BWV1006a
00:08:51 Vivaldi – Concerto In D Major, RV93 Largo
00:14:34 Dowland – Fantasie
00:18:47 Bach – Cantata BWV 147, Jesus Bleibet Meine Freude
00:22:42 De Visee – Ouverture De La Grotte De Versailles
00:26:05 Handel – Suite From The Aylesford Pieces
00:35:37 Weiss – Presto
00:40:32 Praetorius – Suite In D Major From Terpischore
00:46:13 Narvaes – Variations Sur Guardame Las Vacas
00:49:15 Scarlatti – Sonata In D Major K. 490
00:56:04 Scarlatti – Sonata In A Minor K. 36
00:59:16 Handel – Xerxes, Largo
01:04:09 Bach – Prelude, Fugue and Allegro In E Major
01:06:40 Scarlatti – Sonata In D Minor K141
01:10:20 Sanz – Danses Populaires

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19 thoughts on “1 Hour With The Best Baroque Guitar Classical Music Ever – Focus Meditation Reading Concentration

  1. I was horrified to see that ads now plague this otherwise wonderful playlist. I guess it is because times are hard.

  2. That’s the face I made when asked “Can you play Stairway to Heaven?”
    I said how about something more popular like “ Happy Birthday ?”
    Later I was told “ You know, she’s a millionaire “

  3. Thee hath no strings, are you stupid, my strings are broken, look, due to Covid & Afro Kent virus in England.

  4. As a poor music student with a £5 guitar bought in Blackpool, in 1960, after 60 years practice I now good and a lot better than them, as they are all dead. I now have no one to answer to, except my neighbours. Their next.

  5. all the unemployed comedians out of work and you people are making corny jokes…. I love it!!!!

  6. Here’s a very good music, Classical Tunes! 🙂 Great! salute and all blessings for all people!

  7. Take a violin or classical guitar,it’s the natural feel that makes it so different. But what goes it is the sound of the wood that few can afford. Quality, and older the wood.

  8. Is it the Meditation, Romance ,Reflection….this classical baroque..ask broken burning heart.

  9. Unless those who are learning, hear without it being performed. it can loose the focus by concentrating more on playing than on sitting back and hearing and feeling.

  10. What is meditation: From diversion/ distractions to attention/concentration on focusing on an object or what ever device. You are free, and that’s all you need to free up and let go and enjoy the experience. Inhibitions that preoccupy you will be gone. And that is the first level of trance where your subconscious level has taken over. It is unable to reason and takes what comes. Also any auto suggestions/ minor self commands will work. Don’t go any deeper without help. I HAVE DONE THAT FOR LONG.

  11. if you understand this music, be comfortable and let it through all the way. All what you need. No heavy body and mind stuff needed at this stage.

  12. Young or old, particularly females, what softness of this music does. for any to follow.Thank you.

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