10 Greatest Metal Songs of the 1980s Year by Year

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We rounded up our picks for the best metal song of each year from 1980-1989. #LoudLists #Top10

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20 thoughts on “10 Greatest Metal Songs of the 1980s Year by Year

  1. Loudwire being as America centric as ever

    Better list imo would be

    Angel Witch
    Witching Hour
    Hallowed Be Thy Name
    Fade to Black
    Dawn of Meddigo
    Master of Puppets
    At the Gallows End
    A Fine Day to Die
    Beneath the Remains

  2. WTF No Megadeth, Overkill or Metal Church i can understand them playing Metallica’s One but why did they have to play Creeping Death with Jason Newsted he wasn’t in Metallica in 1984

  3. This would be my list, not much of a slayer fan but I respect the 1986 choice
    1983 – No Remorse Metallica
    1986 – Peace Sells… but who’s buying
    1988 – Dyers Eve/In My Darkest Hour

  4. Eyes of a Stranger by Queensryche is a better pick for 1988 than One. Both songs are great, but Eyes of a Stranger is a better song IMO

  5. Puppets or Disposable Heroes should have been for 86 but Metallica is on twice so 3 may have been too many,.

  6. creeping death from ride the lightning? seriously? what about for whom the bell tolls?

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