10 Most Brutal Metal Songs of All Time

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If we posted the lyrics, we’d probably get kicked off YouTube!

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20 thoughts on “10 Most Brutal Metal Songs of All Time

  1. i dont know if cannibal corpse hammer smashed face is more brutal than forced gender reasighnment by cattle decapitation

  2. honorable mentions:

    Infant Annihilator- Soil The Stillborn
    Amputated- Slam Pig
    Signs Of The Swarm- Cesspool Of Ignorance
    Putrid Pile- Shit Body Painting
    Ingested- Skinned and Fucked

  3. I was waiting for cannibal corpse, cuz I don’t think there’s a lot that’s more brutal that that

  4. I’d honestly take Frantic Disembowelment over Hammer Smashed Face in terms of brutality

  5. c est assez navrant dans l’ensemble, même pas une tite mélodie sympa quoi…pfffff Vive Vianney !! (hahahahaHAHAHHHH)

  6. Im sorry but that butcher the weak song is so fucking awful. Im not sorry actually every song on this list is absolute shit besides fucking slayer and i dont like arayas voice i think thats his last name

  7. Cannibal Corpse well deserve the first place….but with theire song “Necropedophilie”. That makes look the others like japanese schoolgirls

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