11 Seriously Heavy Songs From Before Metal Existed

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Before Black Sabbath hit in 1970, there was already some seriously heavy music out there.

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20 thoughts on “11 Seriously Heavy Songs From Before Metal Existed

  1. You’ve gotta admit that 60s era “Chromagnon” song sounds eerily close to Korn having a birthchild with Marilyn Manson.

  2. Replace “Cromagnon” with Arthur Brown’s “Fire” and this list would have been perfect.

    “I AM THE GOD OF HELL FIRE!” What isn’t more Metal than that lyric?

  3. No “Evil Hearted You” from the Yardbirds? They deserve an honorable mention. The song sounds as evil as the title suggests. Well, until the breakdown in the middle at least.

  4. Honestly, I’d consider Zeppelin like the first metal band of all time, they just didn’t know what metal was at the time

  5. Where are The Sonics? The band best placed to be named first punk band ever, they did tracks about everything metal does but in the early 60’s on low-fi recording, even wrecking studios to get a better punkier, raw sound.

  6. hmmm u forgot to include Fire by The crazy world of Arthur Brown and Hocus Pocus by Focus IMO

  7. “11 seriously heavy songs from before metal existed”
    Beethoven: Pathetique

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