12 Bar Blues Rhythm Guitar Lesson

12 Bar Blues Rhythm Guitar Lesson.
Learn to play the blues at:

Never again will we be stuck for a rhythm accompaniment part to play at jam night, with our ultimate blues rhythm guitar study, presented by Bobby Harrison.

“Eleven By Twelve” gives us eleven rhythm guitar ideas to play over a 12 bar shuffle groove. Our long backing track allows us to experiment with stabs, sliding 9ths, imitation horn lines, off-beat parts, organ-style riffs, the Texas Shuffle, Uptown and Downtown Chicago riffs and many more, giving us plenty of options for tonal variety.

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We conclude this lesson with a short summary of everything we’ve covered so far in this part of our course, followed by more tips on improvisation and solo construction, before being given a brief overview of some of the exciting content we can expect to study over the coming lessons.

For reference, here is the order in which the rhythm guitar parts were performed over the backing track. Feel free to play them in your preferred order, but be aware that in the cases of the Uptown and Downtown shuffles, the bass line on the backing track changes accordingly.

Detailed Tab for each approach can be found in the individual rhythm guitar studies at the beginning of Level 2.

Sliding 9ths
Imitation Horn Lines
Jump blues-style offbeats
Organ-style riffs
Texas-style shuffle
Chicago-style “Downtown Shuffle”
Chicago.style “Uptown shuffle”
Texas Variation
Simple March
Power Shuffle


20 thoughts on “12 Bar Blues Rhythm Guitar Lesson

  1. That was just what I was looking for, so thank you so much!!! Subscribed since the first bar 😊😊😊

  2. Hello, I’m from Brazil and I discovered your channel recently, I’m enjoying and learning a lot.
    excellent posts, congratulations !!!

  3. I absolutely love them, I wish a little bit more of explanation I know that blues is 1 4 5 progression but Idk just wish a little bit more. Thank you very much for this!!!

  4. This is de most important class in all YouTube about Blues.
    Thanks VERY much for this way of explain.
    Thoday is the best day for my, because thodey I have learned in ten minutes more than in three months. Thank you my teacher for your very clear explain.
    I have learned in ten minutes more than in three months. Thank you my teacher for your very clear explanation.
    Hi from Spain, my name José Luis 65 year los, only playing from one years.

  5. Bobby what guitar is that and amp pedals you use? Do you have a favourite strat type guitar and amp and if so which ones and why? Loved this video and thanks!

  6. dude I been trying to up my blues game . I’m a metal/rock shredder been playing for 35vyears . and I’m an advanced player in my own right . but I’m learning that bluesy playing can be just as interesting as classical or prog metal. the phrasing has to be perfect . it’s cool how you can play all the notes but if the phrasing is off it sucks .your videos are by far the best on you tube. I subscribe and I’m saving most of them great stuff thanks.

  7. I was awe struck when I watched you perform on Brit Floyd…and now I’m blown away…wicked man🤘👍🤘

  8. Best blues teacher I ever found. Great feel and attack. Thanks all the way from Lisbon

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