3 most famous electronic dance music chords

These are probably the 3 most used chords in electronic dance music ever. You can hear them in tracks from 1989 all the way to today’s production. I’m just showing different variations of these chords on my Access Virus TI Polar. I know I’m not very precise keyboard player, just in case you want to let me know πŸ˜‰
Base notes of these chords are: A – F – G

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20 thoughts on “3 most famous electronic dance music chords

  1. Thank you i just played that what you show it is amazing what have you done for me ..I love it ..

  2. you are awsome to shear that ..I wish I had that trance keyboard you have…I just plated in mine it is good as too

  3. can’t stop looking at the picture in the flower clip to the left, I feel like the face has to be Aphex Twin but no amount of jedi mind control will make the camera pan left aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  4. dont worry i am also a dj/producer but my hands are fucked up (another love – martial arts πŸ™‚ ) so forget about piano guitar or scratchin’

  5. Are these synths worth getting…. I used to own a virus KC and I didnt really like it all that much… but now people seem to be going nuts over these things πŸ˜›

  6. Thank you for doing this. As the title suggest “famous electronic dance chords” so you have done that to teach us how these chords come to be. You shouldn’t criticize yourself on your own playing, it is up to us the learners to learn, practice and better ourselves from what you have taught through this video. I wish I could even play one chord completely messed up as for I know I could at least do one and keep trying. I don’t have the Virus, or any Virus, but I have a System 1 from Roland which fit my budget, but I sure wish I could afford any Virus. Kudos on teaching me these chords. Now if I could just play “a” chord. :). As odd as it sounds I feel like using Audicity and rip your recording onto a looper or a sampler and then one button to load those various chords. πŸ˜‰

  7. I have a Ti2, the polars are very nice, looks like you chose A minor for everything, so I’m confused how these are most popular chords, I disagree and F# minor is the most popular key but, unless you are transposing your synth to another key, there is much more than A minor or C major.

  8. beautiful work I really appreciated .. it would be nice to have the score of this composition

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