70s Greatest Hits | Best Oldies Songs Of 1970s | Greatest 70s Music | Oldies But Goodies

70s Greatest Hits | Best Oldies Songs Of 1970s | Greatest 70s Music | Oldies But Goodies


♫ Best Songs Of The 60s 70s and 80s Playlist :
♫ 70s and 80s Greatest Hits Playlist :
♫ Oldies 60s 70s & 80s Songs – Greatest Hits Oldies But Goodies :
♫ Classic Hits – Oldies But Goodies Music :
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17 thoughts on “70s Greatest Hits | Best Oldies Songs Of 1970s | Greatest 70s Music | Oldies But Goodies

  1. Excellent,magnificent,★★★,gorgeous,there’s no other words than one top song of 70’s,carrying me back to the old memory and distant nostalgia mingled with sweet and bitter. Thooousands thanks you for uploading.

  2. Takes me back to when music WAS the best..how many songs can you still sing along these 40 odd years later…👍

  3. Awesome old music takes me back to really went music was music I wouldn’t change it for any thing.😍😎🤩🧚👍💟🥀

  4. This is the music l grew up with l would fall asleep with the radio on my mom would come in 2in the morning and turn it off best memories of all time and the best music of all time l love ❤️ it

  5. Just subscribed. Great compilation. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. You have made this Baby Boomer faded hippy chick feel happy and young again.

  6. Good selection!..have my 12 strng tuned to these songs and harmonizing along…not bad, lucky to have grown up in the 60’s and 70’s. I believe every 100 or so years God inspires people to produce awesome music.

  7. Wow.. These songs are really popular in 70s as can hear in airwaves 24/7..recall my teens years ..Thanks for excellent selection of 70s goodies hit songs & thumb up 👍from West Malaysia…😊

  8. The best decade for music! Rock and disco. Fond memories of the huge boom box blasting music with tons of us teens hanging out on benches all day. Buying vinyl and record stores were the rage 🤘🎸🎶📻

  9. Oh 70s, grew at San Francisco, Ca. and now I’m retired and traveling around the world. TIME sure goes fast………

  10. The garrulous bonsai canonically rot because crow ecologically scorch out a freezing border. pretty, fabulous court

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