A feel good playlist to help pass time : indie rockpop playlist

I have had this playlist in my drafts for a while, so while I am editing the Cedric playlist I thought I would post this! Much love stay happy and healthy everyone!

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20 thoughts on “A feel good playlist to help pass time : indie rockpop playlist

  1. I have to remind myself every day I am worth living amd whether u believe it or not songs like these prove my point

  2. From now on these are my favorite songs I fall in love with all these songs none compares to these beautiful songs thank you for uploading this video😊👍🏼

  3. this is the best playlist to listen to with a tinge of online classes in the background

  4. when it starts with golden you know you will stay and listen to all off these songs

  5. these songs literally gave me such a vibe! i love studying to these songs, they have really helped me focus because since I don’t know the whole song I don’t get distracted and start singing, but the tiny sections that I do know I can sing a bit, but I don’t distracted. thank you so much for this playlist!

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