Aggressive Metal Electro Industrial Mix | KILL’ EM ALL

‘Kill’em All’ is an Aggressive Metal Electro / Industrial / Metalstep / Deathstep Mix by Aim To Head.

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00:00 | Dirtyphonics x Sullivan King – Navigator
00:29 | Dirtyphonics x Sullivan King – Hammer
02:09 | CYBRPNK x Sullivan King – MSHPIT
03:23 | Remstage – Tyranny
06:40 | Sinyells – Dismal Light
10:29 | Morbid M3chanics – Delirium’s Realm
13:55 | Morbid M3chanics – Negative Space
17:58 | Remstage – Neon
22:16 | Sinyells – Smashing Heads
25:36 | SWARM – Unbreakable
29:03 | Legna Zeg – Labyrinth


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20 thoughts on “Aggressive Metal Electro Industrial Mix | KILL’ EM ALL

  1. Im a High functioning Autistic, most non impaired or individuals who don’t like this kind of music will think this music is distasteful, However providing a person is on a psychological mentally good place, this kind of music can be empowering, providing the thoughts are constructive and not emotional based or have thoughts that are manuipulating the mind in a sinister sense, this kind of music is associated with aggression and depression, true that might be its the sound that is empowering, if being bullied and your a visual thinker, said music or the sounds can be translated, into visual thought of overcoming said bullies, standing up to them, holding your ground, not showing emotion, because its emotion is what bullies thrive on, you would be in the wrong to attack first, but if you can fortify your position in front of hostile position, this type of music I think would help with confidence as it provides a sense of mental power one might lack.

  2. This is the number one thing in my Relaxation playlist. Yes, I am mentally sound.

  3. I’m sixty nine, and I’ve cream of this deadly and lethal music. It matches my f….. Attitude!! I like the kill them all feeling you get when, you listening. So, Thank you making lethal mixes.

  4. I like electronica type stuff every now and again but this being in a metal set idk. Normally breakdowns and bridges every thirty seconds in a electric set is tolerable but in a metal set I can’t get immersed, it just annoys me lol

  5. thanks good to wake up with very relaxing <3 prepare for war bitches

    oh yeah fuck all the weak souls.

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