alternative songs to take a break from whatever you’re listening now maybe it’ll help u playlist

I had to reupload this again because seems like the video got blocked, but idk how it didn’t have any blocked song. Maybe it’s a youtube thing, many of you really liked the playlist so here it is thanks 😔✨💗
old description:
Usually, when I get saturated about anything I’m listening at the moment, I listen again to some of my old music or new artists to give me a break, and not get bored ! For the moment this is my current playlist, cuz I got tired listening to japanese music xD Don’t get me wrong, I’m still loving it, it’s just I need to listen to something else. So, this is my own break-time playlist, and if you have one it would be cool if you share it! No matter what genre is (metal/hard rock, future bass) go ahead and share our likes :^D

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    edit: damn this video will get a 1m views soon i meAN HOW AAAAAA
    (0:00) 01. boy pablo – Losing You
    (3:04) 02. boy pablo – Feeling Lonely
    (6:19) 03. Wallows – Are You Bored Yet? feat. Clairo
    (9:16) 04. Dayglow – Listerine
    (12:46) 05. Dayglow – Hot Rod
    (16:09) 06. DANSU – DO DO DO
    (19:30) 07. DANSU – SAY SAY SAY
    (22:15) 08. Vansire – Metamodernity
    (24:58) 09. Wallows – These Days
    (28:19) 10. Wallows – Scrawny
    (31:05) 11. JAWNY – Anything You Want
    (33:05) 12. Kids In America – Summer of Love feat. The Griswolds
    (36:10) 13. The Griswolds – NICE TO MEET YA!
    (38:59) 14. DANSU – DON’T YOU GIVE UP
    (42:06) 15. Dayglow – False Direction
    (46:40) 16. Last Dinosaurs – Flying
    (50:07) 17. Conan Gray – Maniac
    (53:07) 18. HONNE – Me & You ◑
    (57:07) 19. Phum Viphurit – Lover Boy
    (1:00:59) 20. Phum Viphurit – Hello, Anxiety
    (1:05:20) 21. Last Dinosaurs – Italo Disco
    (1:09:04) 22. Conan Gray – Generation Why
    (1:12:41) 23. Castlecomer – Fire Alarm
    (1:16:37) 24. Last Dinosaurs – Andy
    (1:20:21) 25. Tourism – City Never Sleeps (stream this song! )
    (1:23:37) 26. Trails and Ways – My Things
    (1:26:16) 27. Signals. – Paraesthesia
    (1:30:06) 28. Palma Violets – Best Of Friends
    (1:33:35) 29. Last Dinosaurs – FMU
    (1:36:45) 30. The Jungle Giants – One Of These Days
    (1:40:30) 31. Local Nomad – Love Is Gone
    (1:43:55) 32. Local Nomad – Getting Old Is a Bitch
    (1:47:43) 33. Trails & Ways – Taj Mahal (cover)
    (1:50:54) 34. Trails & Ways – Miracle (cover)
    (1:54:44) 35. Trails & Ways – Border Crosser
    (1:58:23) 36. Trails & Ways – Skeletons
    note: Kids in America send me their song “Summer of Love” and I really like it! they need more recognition !!

    photo by shironeko (edited to this video, dudee the photo is so old from 2012 waaa)
    original link:

  2. Idk why but I can’t stop crying from how cute the collar on the orange cat is, and the way his head is.

  3. POV: You were back to 90’s where life is still beautiful and simple, you’re driving around the town with your special someone while vibing to this songs and singing together, you two are talking about each others life and laughing together. You can’t focus driving because of their smile, it’s way too beautiful and they tell you to focus on the road. They kissed your cheeks and you smiled at them.

  4. This is great! This is very different from the music I usually listen to, but I love it – so uplifting! Thank you so much!

  5. The stupid stem early slap because peony expectably tie off a hoc tomato. political, husky flight

  6. I’m in LOVEEE with this one💕💕💕 just perfect, saved on my spotify

  7. Just wanna say this playlist opened my eyes to new genres of music and helped me through a tough time heh kudos to you my dude! 🙂

  8. It’s funny how this playlist named “songs to take a break” but I ended up playing back the same playlist until I knew exactly what song was coming.

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