Ambient Rock Indie Drumless Track

Ambient Indie Rock style drumless backing track
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– If you would like to use one of my tracks in your own video please give me credit. Also be aware that YouTube Content ID may recognise my music and monetise your video on my behalf. However, this should NOT result in any copyright strikes against your channel. Please share your video with me too! It’s cool to see my tracks brought to life by the awesome talent in the YouTube drumming community.

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Instagram: @drumlessbackingtracks


Ambient Indie Rock style drumless backing track with influences from shoegaze and dream pop. Tempo is 70 bpm. Enjoy!

20 thoughts on “Ambient Rock Indie Drumless Track

  1. Hey, I’m a drummer and I’ve jammed with this track and have made a video as well, so can you permit me to upload that video on my YouTube Channel by giving you the credits?

  2. I’ve been jamming to your songs a lot lately. Especially this one. It’s so relaxing to play to especially after a long day. I love this one and the math rock odd time signature. Playing to your tracks has improved my drumming a lot lately. Thanks!

  3. Having all these genres to play off is SO unbelievably awesome and the visual counter is the best video game ever 🤟🥁🤟

  4. I love to drum over this track! It’s a low pace track with pretty fast and cool groove! Love it!

  5. Desde Bilbao, muchas gracias por este contenido, increíble para estudiar , voy a estudiar encima de cada una de las canciones que has montado aquí , un saludo , buen trabajo , suscrito y like!!

  6. Extremely beautiful, sublime, engaging, relaxing! A beautiful theme! playing now! THANK SO MUCH FOR THE POST.

  7. Love it, super fun to play with! Also, double time section? I was already in double time I guess. : )

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