Bernard Allison – BW Rhythm´n´Blues Festival 2004

Track list:
1. Live Together
2. Woman Named Trouble
3. New Life I’m In
4. Too Many Women
5. The Way Love Was Meant To Be

Bernard Allison:
Live at Bowers & Wilkins Rhythm´n´Blues Festival 2004

20 thoughts on “Bernard Allison – BW Rhythm´n´Blues Festival 2004

  1. Can’t believe I never heard of this guy. I think the problem is that you never hear great music on the radio any more.
    Well…. he’s got himself a new fan!

  2. Luther was a great bluesman. The first time I heard Luther in 1994. Bernard deserves glory of his father.

  3. Hey thanks for posting this terrific set! I had to sub after the algorithm sent it to me. For all you folks discovering Bernard for the first time here–be sure to follow up with the senior Allison, Bernard’s late dad, Luther. Great stuff.

  4. #3 is incorrect. The name of the song is “Just Do Me Anyway You Want”.

  5. Have cds of your father’s..i can see i will be putting you right next to him.. you are actually better then your dad and I’ve listened to a lot of Blues I’m 78 years old

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