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  1. never apt to like every selection in a compilation like this, but it fascinates me as to what connection to “driving songs” most of this stuff has. a ‘cat’s in the cradle’ remake? first off, the original was by harry chapin, who also did ‘taxi’ a song that one could guess has a specific driving component. secondly, songs like ‘born to be wild’ have a drive to them that’s more frequently associated with being on the road, specifically, the open road. ‘cat’s in the cradle’ is what you need while sitting in afternoon gridlock. something to soothe the nerves, not something to get the blood racing.

  2. the car is on the WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD FFS lol in the UK tho its on the RIGHT SIDE 😀 lol

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  7. 🌏🏆👍😎🎯💝👣🐾🌞✌🎊🔮. Take Care out There. Robert Kraft 33.3×3

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