Best Of ’00s Dance Music Mix

Best Of ’00s Dance Music Mix

00:00 O-Zone – Dragostea Din Tei (Original Italian Version)
03:30 Alex Gaudino Feat. Crystal Waters – Destination Calabria (Radio Edit)
07:13 Erika – I Don’t Know (Radio Mix)
10:26 Magic Box – Carillon (Radio Mix)
13:52 Dj Ross – Dreamland (Extended Party Mix)
20:44 Alex Gaudino Feat. Shena – Watch Out (Radio Edit)
23:40 Prezioso Feat. Marvin – Voglio Vederti Danzare (Radio Version)
27:24 Black Legend – You See The Trouble With Me (We’ll Be In Trouble Radio Edit)
32:19 Deal Vs Molella – Shine (Molella Radio Edit)
35:42 Paul Johnson – Get Get Down (Radio Edit)
38:53 Datura – Will Be One (Todos En Todos Radio Edit)
42:37 Paps ‘n’ Skar – Get It On (Radio Mix)

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20 thoughts on “Best Of ’00s Dance Music Mix

  1. Having fun in the early 2000’s with thousands around, no worries, no nothing…

    Oh, those were the days.

  2. I’m a Christian I try to show God’s unconditional love to everyone.

    Christianity and church can be a little boring at times. Church should be fun not legalistic. This video, to me, is just as heavenly as going to church. I love all the songs on here.

    We as people need to be united because God’s grace is for everyone. I was so lost all my life.

    These songs bring me to Heaven without going to church. I used to look at the world and think immoral but at least they’re having fun. The world looks at Christians and thinks Religious and brainwashed.

    True love knows no boundaries.

    I enjoyed your video quite immensely!

  3. These songs were just epic yet nostalgic…feelings only can be felt now…how far time past still not enough to be back in the old days

  4. Only dance lovers know what happens “In the Night” – The new dance-hit by Pier Naline

  5. Now thats what i call music. Well done. Keep rocking the old school jams. Brings back tons of great memories.

  6. I just like how happy and upbeat these are. I need to look more into this genre. I really enjoyed this mix 🙂

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