Best Rock Ballads 70’s 80’s 90’s – The Greatest Rock Ballads Of All Time

Best Rock Ballads 70’s 80’s 90’s The Greatest Rock Ballads Of All Time

20 thoughts on “Best Rock Ballads 70’s 80’s 90’s – The Greatest Rock Ballads Of All Time

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  2. Putain DIEU déconne pas,, Ramènes moi en ces temps où la musique nétait pas de la Daube comme en 2020

  3. Btw the 15th song is ” I’ll never let you go” and not “‘ll never let Rou go”

  4. The cronology of songs in the bait is wrong for some of them. For ex: “Always” doesn´t exists in second place. The third one appears like second; “heaven doesn´t exists too. After november rain the playlist execute “don´t cry”. And after “don´t cry” the follow song isn´t “i remember you”. I guess the list maybe have many error in adittion. Futhermore, some songs have wrong names like “more than words” that don´t be here in this selection. Only in the bait. And well….After the 20th song, the audio keep playing for more 30 min without any list, any duration time and nothing. Maybe is a lot of bonuses tracks.

  5. These songs are ageless….they capture both heart and soul,dreams and wishes… I hear them,and they catipult me back to a time when love was young and new…now my eyes tear up,and my heart aches for the simpler times….God bless all here!

  6. 1 – Wind Of Change – Scorpions
    2 – Angel – Aerosmith
    3 – November Rain – Guns n’ Roses
    4 – Don’t Cry – Guns n’ Roses
    5 – When I See You Smile – Bad English
    6 – Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns n’ Roses
    7 – More Than Words Can Say – Alias
    8 – Carrie – Europe
    9 – Patience – Guns n’ Roses
    10 – Love Song – Tesla
    11 – I’ll Never Let You Go – Steelheart
    12 – Something to Believe In – Poison
    13 – Crazy – Aerosmith
    14 – Forever – Kiss
    15 – Runaway Train – Soul Asylum
    16 – Sister Christian – Night Ranger
    17 – Amazing – Aerosmith
    18 – The Flame – Cheap Trick
    19 – She’s Gone – Steelheart
    20 – Nobody’s Fool – Cinderella
    21 – Fly to the Angels – Slaughter
    22 – I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing – Aerosmith
    23 – I Saw Red – Warrant
    24 – Coming Home – Cinderella
    25 – NO IDEA??? What the heck is this crap???
    26 – The Finger Family Song Nursery Rhyme
    27 – Never Letting Go – Tim McMorris

  7. Hey guys these songs do bring back wonderful memories when we felt invincible. We may be older now with less people we loved around but our spirit lives on. Share with the kids and cherish the memories!

  8. what the???? where’s the rock ballads? this is like B sides. Where is “is this love”, “crazy dancer” and all the other actual memorable songs?

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  10. Sat in bed, messing about with photo’s and heritage stuff. Put this on to keep me company, ended up listening for the full 2 hours. When one track ended, loved the next one, so many great classics. Memories of happy times gone by. xx

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  12. I want to hear this music if I feel stressed and tired to work it’s so relaxing and feeling to sleep thanks for sharing this more power and God bless

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