Best Rock Songs Vietnam War Music – Best Rock Music Of All Time – 60s and 70s Rock Playlist

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19 thoughts on “Best Rock Songs Vietnam War Music – Best Rock Music Of All Time – 60s and 70s Rock Playlist

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  6. I was in a Helicopter Training Squadron (HS-10) in Imperial Beach California during many of the Vietnam years, these songs bring back many memories of lost friends who left our squadron to other squadrons heading to Nam, most of them I have never seen again…

  7. I was a kid back then and remember neighbors going away and never coming back. So many good people gone.

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  9. My Uncle Preston was a Door Gunner and shot down 3 times in that “Conflict”. Thanks go out to him and all our Service Men/Women, especially our Fallen Sons. Your acts of Steadfast Bravery and Devotion were not in vain.

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