20 thoughts on “Bill Burr – 80’s Metal Music

  1. There’s some kind of music where you have to connect with a stupid, brutal side of you. Which I like, coz it’s fun. To much serious pretentious stuff it’s no good for me.

  2. Jesus… no wonder you still suck at drums. Your heart was never in it! Old before your time and you didn’t even realise you didn’t actually like the music you were trying to be inspired by.. you just pretended to like it hoping it would get you laid… ffs. I mean, God… Good job you’re funny or you might have never got any at all… and then you’d just be a bald, broke, red-headed virgin who can’t still drum… funny really saved your a**.

  3. He’s making fun of songs I liked, and still like, and yet he had me howling. That’s talent.

  4. Bill listened to all the shitty metal of the 80’s and it took him 30 years to realize it was shitty

  5. Other than madhouse not one song was memorable in anthrax spreading the disease. i was in shock and awe.

  6. 1:23 EXACTLY
    I must have to see about 50 odd bands before i come across a true legend in the making, I agree. Most music is terrible, in fairness but every so often a true virtuoso comes forward. Same could be said of a lot of things, I suppose

  7. Most of my favorite guitar sounds come from Australia. The Saints, Rose Tatoo, The Stems. I guess being kicked to death by a casawary will have that effect.

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