Blood May Rise – Achilles Official Metal Music Video 2019

“ACHILLES” from the “ARGO” album remake.
#BloodMayRise New Metal Music Video 2019

Mix | Master : Moises D’ Bello (Venezuela)

Director | Producer: Juan Carlos Rodriguez (México), La Casa Productions

Music: Blood May Rise (Colombia)

Location: Medellín, Bogotá, Colombia

Born in fire
Made for glory
Sculpt by war
Freedom with no remorse
If you see his eyes up close you will feel the chaos

Can you see his eyes
While he wants to escape from all this madness
While he wants to scape

Everything falls apart
End he just wants to die to escape from all this madness

From all this madness

Not afraid to die alone

He was made to die in battle

And the sky will crumble
When a hero dies
What it seems to be unbroken
Can be
Torn apart
Heavy lies the crown

All consumed by war
is the only world he knows
All painted in blood
Is the only way he knows
Let the blood run red.

BMR 2019

20 thoughts on “Blood May Rise – Achilles Official Metal Music Video 2019

  1. oush, por fin alguien que saque la cara con nivel y dedicacion, felicitaciones!!!! 🙂

  2. Qué gxnxrrex, muy impresionado, excelente canción. Djent Colombiano <3 Saludos desde Cali muchachos

  3. Brutal produccion.

    PD: el riff principal me recuerda bastante Hacktivist, cancion hacktivist

  4. Uyssss ese guitarro se parece al Ex-guitar Diego Farias de VOLUMES !
    Saluditos desde La Dorada, Caldas

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