Blues Rhythm Guitar Chops Slick Rhythm Techniques You Can Use Right Now

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Sick of those same old blues rhythm guitar shuffles and barre chords? Kick your blues rhythm chops up a notch with this blues rhythm lesson and discover how to use chord fragments, ninth chords and rhythm riffs in your rhythm guitar style.

Blues Rhythm Chops Ex 1: Chord Fragments

Chord Fragments are fragments of larger chords and they are powerful blues rhythm guitar tools. See this example to learn how to use them straight away in your playing.

Blues Rhythm Chops Ex 2: 9th Chords

9th chords can act as substitutes for Dominant 7 chords, so instead of playing A7 in your 12 bar blues, you could play A9 instead. This adds much more colour to the 12 bar blues (and makes you sound like a way slicker player!)

Blues Rhythm Chops Ex 3: Blues Bassline Riffs

Why not ditch chords all together…and play a blues bassline riff instead! Here’s one example of a blues bassline riff you can use. Try out some riff variations of your own remember.

Have fun spicing up your blues rhythm chops with this lesson and see you next time!

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Dig in, have fun…and thanks for watching!


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  1. Hey duder, that was a nifty idea with the a7 and u can even do a d shape aswell. I’ve never seen that b4 I’m surprised it hasn’t had more views and likes. I’d recommend ur lessons to everyone I’ve played for years but I’m learning more now than I ever thought possible thanks to good people like urself. Some people who teach no names r only there to show off how good they. r. Not really how well somebody could actually learn from the video, u however do a much better job so bravo and thankyou and yes I am subscribed and liked.

  2. Hya pal I followed the link to go to the bit about lessons and got there but I dnt knw how to actually get them, by the way I really want the book now il check it out on amazon if u can somehow let me knw what to do if that helps thanx

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