Blues Rhythm Guitar Lesson – Key of E

Download the tab and jam track used in this lesson at – In this lesson I’ll show you a different way to play a 12 bar blues rhythm. This has more of a shuffle feel, but is something that you can do on either an acoustic guitar or electric guitar

20 thoughts on “Blues Rhythm Guitar Lesson – Key of E

  1. great riff , it’s a step up from just ย doing stuff ย with major E,A B7. would be nice if you could show more of your active fingers , sometimes the inactive fingers block the view. I’m very visual for learning these riffs .

  2. Thanks for some really good tips Brian , you breathe fresh music, air especially for us old ones . Love it

  3. A beginner as a first link in my search, I make a clear announcement on YouTube sorry, not sorry.

  4. How in the F do you barre the top 3 strings on the 5th and hammer on the 3rd string on the 6th without muting the Fing other 2 strings???
    I literally canโ€™t find a hand position to accomplish this.

  5. Iโ€™m a beginner and canโ€™t get in the e chord the hammer on note to play. Itโ€™s silent. Fat fingers and beginner?

  6. Amazing stuff ,however basic it is. Great superteaching. A1 lesson. Thanks a lot from Madrid.

  7. The few seconds he spent explaining his E chord assumptions, he could have just showed the simple chord finger locations.

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