Disclaimer:- we don’t blame any party or prove anyone wrongful for these copied songs. The video is made for informational purposes.

7 bollywood famous songs in which either background setup or BGM is copied from k-pop and k-drama. Watch the video to find out and don’t forget to subscribe us to get more interesting videos.
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No copyright infringement intended. Video made for informational and entertainment purposes.



  1. We can expect this thing from india cz they’re always copying Hollywood and k pop…etc they hve no basic idea they should to feel shame n stop these stupid things 🤬🤮

  2. Bollywood always been a cheater…. And.. would be the cheater forever….
    And I agree this

    . because I m indian..🔥🔥

  3. I am from India I love kpop especially iam big fan of BTS why they copied from kpop

  4. Dear we just copied 7 things there more they ( kpop idols) copied
    U made this video because your jelous of india

  5. They don’t even try when they copy as well… They’re literally just making a low-quality rip-off. I feel so bad for all the people who get tricked into liking these fakes when the originals are 1 million times better.

  6. Lmao I keep seeing some salty indians here saying Kpop or BTS copied bollywood songs.
    My question is: why would they?
    As Suga once said “you can have that song, unlike other people, I can just make another”

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