Calm Your Soul- IndieFolk Playlist, 2020

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0:00-CHPTRS-“Let the New Begin” (Edit)
4:42-Jenny Kern-“Now We Know”
8:00-Tall Heights- “Keeps Me Light ”
11:45-SOBI- “Pearl”
15:36-Will Cookson- “I’m All At Sea”
18:04-Jordan Soulman-“Waiting For The Stars”
21:31-Joel Porter-“Amaranthine”
26:24-Out of my Hair-“In The Morning”
30:16-The Sweeplings-“In Between”
33:55-Roni Bar Hadas-“Everything”
36:57-William Lawrence-“Back From Where Iโ€™ve Been” (Live at Dewey Hall)
40:51-Jenny Yim-“Crozier”
45:03-St. Anthony Mann-“All My Days”
49:29-Timo Brandt-“In The Darkness”
54:06-Simen Lyngroth – “Morning Light ”
56:12-Jesse Blake Rundle-“Radishes and Flowers”…
1:00:07-Apostrophe and Rye-“Do You Know”…
1:04:02-Peace, baby.-“In My Dream”…
1:09:00- anatu- “Mother”…

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– Photo by Elia PellegrinI

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    ***Just a little note for those saying that there are too many ads. I have no control over the ads on this video. Some of the songs have copyright claims, meaning the playlist is monetized, automatically, by Youtube. The musicians with the copyright claims are getting revenue from those ads. If they bother you, I’d suggest downloading the mix or listening on Spotify . Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this calming collection. Every song on it is mellow, there are no songs that are heavy or loud, or that suddenly get loud. The Spotify version will be slightly different, as (on here), I made a slight edit to the ending of CHPTR’S stunning song, “Let The New Begin”” (as it gets a little louder as it closes off. Which there is nothing wrong with, its amazing, it was just for the purpose of this YouTube playlist ). Anyway, I hope this mix helps take some stress from your day, and lets your mind drift away. Thanks so much for listening. Have a very lovely weekend , Foxxy x <3

  2. Hey. I haven’t been well lately. Today, i feel like I’m taking a step, only to realize its backwards. But this playlist makes me wanna split my heart open in two and whisper to have hope. Nd i wanna thank whoever made this playlist. So, yea. :’)

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  10. Ah! Finally. I’ve listened to this song about 20 times in a row, and this is my first time not crying as I hear the lyrics. Amazing work, Mr. Rowe!

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