Chaoseum – Smile Again Official Music Video

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Directed by: Greg Turini
Script by: CK Smile
Post Production assistant: Yannick Vigne – Engivy Production

“Smile Again” recorded by Chaoseum at Chaos Studio and Studio Conatus, mixed and mastered by Gwen Kerjan at Slab Sound Studio

Special thanks to: Solar Guitars, Cympad, Daily-Rock, Meinl cymbals, Meinl Sticks and Brushes, TAMA Drums, Skull Strings, Slab Sound Studio, Vratim and Xvive Audio, Blackdust Straps, Le Lapin Blanc, Vladimir Cochet, Gwen Kerjan, Swiss Metal Chocolate

Very Special thanks to Nadège Parent and Thibaut Jehanno and Pixel Studio

“Smile Again” by CHAOSEUM from the album ‘Second Life’

Chaoseum is:
CK Smile: Vocals
Greg Turini: Drums
Loïc Duruz: Guitars, Bass
Valery Veings: Guitars

© Chaoseum 2021

20 thoughts on “Chaoseum – Smile Again Official Music Video

  1. Am i the only one who’s looking for the bassist in the MV? 😂 who And where is him?

  2. I’m actually not even hating, but they sound literally exactly like a modern Korn. I’m commenting in support. Lol. But the parallels are clear

  3. Esto me suena totalmente a Korn en el álbum issues, solo a ellos me recuerda pero seguiré escuchando más música de ellos se nota que tienen buena tocada

  4. The 2021 Trailer Park Anthem lol I can smell the fans just seeing the thumbnail 🤢

  5. Jonathan Davis sure looks young these days………… (As i watch puzzled)

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