Chill EDM — Slow Dance Mix — After Party Music

What is the link between dancing, music perception and human organism?
Dancing itself is a strange ritual that was with us for many millennia. Some dance to vent, some to get noticed. Others express themselves through it, but often even those who think that they can’t dance have this almost primal urge to move to the beat. How do you benefit from it? In 2003, the researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine discovered that dance can decidedly improve brain health. The explanation will be – rhythmic movements activate the pleasure centers in our brain. Watching someone dance activates similar regions. Some even assume that two people dancing together, especially professionals, can, in a way, communicate via dance and send each other subconscious messages. For the rest of us dancing is all about feeling good, so don’t be shy, especially if no one can see you. In no time you will notice how your mood improves and troubles start to seem less daunting and fade away. Just be yourself and be free of judgment and prejudice. There is only you, the beat and dance.
If you are not ready to dance, just listening to a mix of slow dance tracks alone can give you the feeling. An emotional, romantic, future garage music with melancholic mood and driving beats was made for sleepless nights to give you the right night energy and motivation. Enjoy time by yourself and feel freedom when you’re alone. Music and dance are a built-in nature of humans, it helps in balancing stress, can improve creative skills, self-confidence and self-satisfaction giving you a sense of peace, well-being, and optimism.

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Genre: Electronic music
Style: Future Garage
Mood: Lonely, Night
Duration: One Hour

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🎧 Tracklist
► 00:00 Aurora B.Polaris – Tunnel Vision
► 03:32 Maltex – Reverie
► 07:05 Athene – Hourglass
► 12:03 Dimatis – Mists
► 15:21 Unbrok – Edge
► 18:48 Ghosts Of Paraguay & Coma – Once Again
► 24:32 Oscuro – Ain’t Runnin
► 27:49 Blu Mar Ten – Titans
► 33:06 TBFM – Remorse
► 35:56 Manu Shrine – Dismissal
► 41:05 Lazarus Moment – Yours Truly
► 46:14 Blackbird – Butterfly
► 50:49 Enigma Dubz – Stay Together
► 56:10 Nexow – They Bring Me To You
► 1:00:57 Rhekluse – No Means To An End
► 1:04:54 Twisted Psykie – Don’t Let Go
► 1:09:33 F3edo – More You
► 1:14:17 Seanine – Away
► 1:17:58 Shah – Afterglow

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  2. Salutare din România 💪
    So good to hear that, thanks for the music 💆‍♂️❤️❤️

  3. I’ve been listening to this on repeat for the last few days. It’s a complete mood for me here lately.

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