Chilled Acoustic Vol. 1 🍃 Indie Folk Compilation | Mahogany Playlist


We’ve had 1000s of requests for our own audio-only compilations that feature artists that we love in the acoustic, indie and folk scenes – so here it is! Fifty minutes of pure chilled acoustic indie folk – this is the Mahogany Mixtape. Check out all the wonderful artists via the links below.

1. Simon Alexander – In The Rust (00:00)
2. Hazlett – Suncats (03:39)
3. Roo Panes – Quiet Man – Mahogany Session (8:33)
4. KAWALA – Moonlight (14:05)
5. Winnie Raeder – Don’t You Dare – Mahogany Session (18:20)
6. James Spaite – Snakes (21:55)
7. Sarah Paige – Sunshine (27:35)
8. Honest Men – Rose (31:20)
9. Matilda Mann – Never Sweeter (35:25)
10. Hannah Devereaux – Baby Blue (39:30)
11. Model Man – Ross (43:08)

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Simon Alexander


Roo Panes


Winnie Raeder

James Spaite

Sarah Paige

Honest Men

Matilda Mann

Hannah Devereaux

Model Man


20 thoughts on “Chilled Acoustic Vol. 1 🍃 Indie Folk Compilation | Mahogany Playlist

  1. At 25:53 the guitar sounds like it’s playing “Nothing but the Blood.” Anyone else pick up on this?

  2. Is this music copyright free? As in, can it be used as background music for videos on social media?

  3. Listened to this on a beautiful roadtrip through Albania with my partner. How beautiful to get reminded about it everytime when I’m listening to this playlist 🙏

  4. Truly inspirational channel! Just made a song inspired by it! Hope you’ll enjoy it!

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