Christian Rap – Zauntee – God Taught Me music video

Christian Rap artist Zauntee music video for his single “God Taught Me.”

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20 thoughts on “Christian Rap – Zauntee – God Taught Me music video

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  2. “when they ask me how I got committed, I say God taunts me, when they say that I’m dim witted, I blame God not me, when the doctor smells that I shitted I claim Gods naughty, can I explain the older testiment? I say no, just Gods awnry.ဋ္ဌီဋ္ဉူဲ့းင်္ဍ္ဎွံင်္င်ဏ္ဍ္ဎနံ့င်ရးင်္ဏ္ဍိုံ့፥፠፟፝፥

  3. Repent and Turn to Jesus Christ before its too late or you will perish and go to hell. To be saved, Romans 10:9-11 . Remember to workout your salvation Philippians 2:12 . Repent or perish Revelation 2:16 .

  4. As a 43 y.o. small town, southern raised guy, who’s always listened to country and rock; I must say that I’m really starting to prefer Christian hip hop because it’s more of a movement than just music. This kinda stuff aligns more with my preaching gift than anything!🔥

  5. Stole my flow, why would you do that man. I wouldn’t even mind but you copied the flow from my song “Slave” pretty much exactly

  6. It’s great to be a cool Christian serving the the Lord. Love from🇰🇪

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