Classic Music | Old Songs | Sentimental Love Songs – 1

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20 thoughts on “Classic Music | Old Songs | Sentimental Love Songs – 1

  1. Classic but still good too listen💓, nakaka relax lalo na kapag mag isa ka lang❤️

  2. I don’t think i don’t deserve to be loved,I’m not that ugly and even my attitude i could say I have a good heart but I never had a serious relationship or a serious boyfriend..yes I flirt☺️☺️☺️longing for true love everytime I listen to mix songs..

  3. thank you for uploading and sharing these songs… everytime i listen to them, then bumabalik ako sa nakaraan kong napakasap gunitain…God bless you and please upload more.

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  7. i remember our memories when we still together until now that we getting older.

  8. My tears dripping while listening to these songs. Bring back lots of memories. Thanks for sharing these great songs

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