Classical music – At Last – Heather Taylor

Classical music – At Last – Heather Taylor

13 thoughts on “Classical music – At Last – Heather Taylor

  1. I seriously love this, I seriously love Louis Armstrong, I seriously love that you posted it. My favorite song of yours yet. Way to pimp out Armstrong, Chris!

  2. All this music is so nostalgic for me.. I almost cried after 5 seconds during Swan Lake.

  3. Wow!! So peaceful. Thank you very much for combining all these classical pieces and their titles together. I never knew the names of these and you helped me make a playlist on my phone and play it in my car. Thank you so, so, sooo much!!!

  4. This song is the reason why I love me some Heather Headley. She is definitely one of a kind!

  5. This is the very first song of Taylor that I’ve seen on our karaoke way back like 2009/2010. But that was like she was performing on stage with her guitar.

  6. Amazing voices! They are the most wonderful duet who performed this version of the song The Prayer… Thank you

  7. It feels relaxing and easily process my thoughts while drawing it became something refreshing to my mind

  8. Thank you so much, this awesome work of music that you put on here has helped me calm during my school work! I hate having putting on songs with words in it cause it jumbles in my brain, while trying to figure all those stressful things in my head! Congrats you’ve earned your new subscriber 🙂

  9. Thejoeysworld that ResortTV1 refures to has his own youtube channel. Then I saw Joann youtube name I research it. Because I do follow Joey’s world friend of Josh and Jenna!

  10. 7:25 the music in this makes me see this other worldly scenery, a traveler in a new territory… tall snowy mountains, vast fields and grass lands…each sound the hooves of the horses make when it walks up and down on these hills. the silver and gold makes noises as it dances around the traveler’s pockets.

    11:40 the music are intense, like a knight of shining armor protecting its princess from invaders. but the knight dies in the end protecting the person they made a vow to protect.

    20:10 the music which a person is recalling all precious memories of a dead loved one.

    I’ll continue when i have a time to finish this video lmao

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