Country Music Star Morgan Wallen Facing Backlash After Using Racial Slur

The 27-year-old country singer was recently caught on video using the N-word and other inappropriate language.

20 thoughts on “Country Music Star Morgan Wallen Facing Backlash After Using Racial Slur

  1. What about all the famous rappers!!!!!!.. if they say it…. get paid millions for it …What’s wrong with that picture????

  2. Is it mostly white people getting mad? That’s what it usually it is I’m black and I’m fine with it. Unless he was using it to send hate to a black person im fine with it. Let it go people stop acting like babies

  3. He has the fucking balls to say sorry yall need to accept that he is not the only person out there that said ni****

  4. I can’t believe that every rapper and black actor can say it but nobody else. If it’s offensive for him to say then it should be offensive no matter who says it. Gimme a break

  5. His neighbor must be a douche bag for releasing this. And screw the cancel culture a bunch of whiners

  6. I’m just a kid so I might just be stupid, but I’ve always thought it’s weird how one race can say a word and it’s fine but the other says it and it’s racist and frowned upon. I think it’s racist for anyone to say it, or it’s not a racist word and anyone can say it. If you are so offended by people saying the word, why do you say it?

  7. They tried to cancel him and his radio coverage went down 70%. Since were all adults and can clearly see he said with no malice towards a random. Either way not good to say obviously. His sales went through the roof at over 400%. I think its great when a couple butt hurt peps get upset about something and try to cancel whoever it may be it ends up making huge sales and helping.

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