Cozy Fall Coffee Shop Ambience: Relaxing Jazz Music Rain Sounds for Studying, Relaxation, Sleep

Enjoy this cozy fall coffee shop ambience with relaxing jazz music and rain sounds for studying, relaxation, and sleep. It’s a rainy autumn night. Watch falling leaves and listen to the soothing sounds of heavy rain, smooth jazz, and ambient coffee shop noise including soft conversation and gentle clinks of dishes. This dimly lit late night cafe ASMR ambience is perfect for improved focus for work, reading, or studying, or to help with relaxation, meditation, and sleeping. This relaxation video is 8 hours long to allow for uninterrupted studying or a full night of sleep.


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Additional Attribution / Credits
All music was used with proper license and permission of the original creators.
“TurningPages.mp3” by Airborne80 via
“Rain on skylight or window” by StevenBrown via

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  1. 🦉📖 *…It’s a quiet night in your favorite coffee shop. The downtown outside is hushed and peaceful. You look out at the drops of rain splashing on the sidewalk and decide you might as well stay a little longer—the autumn chill in the rainy air outside makes the warm, friendly cafe, fragrant with the scent of coffee and dimly lit by flickering candles, entirely too cozy to leave. Lucky for you, you have nowhere to be, and this shop provides ample ways to pleasantly waste some time. There’s a magazine rack to peruse. There’s a chess set and some cards as well. You know that if you ask nicely the barista will let you flip through the collection of funky old records behind the counter. And what’s this—someone has left a newspaper behind with the crossword puzzle halfway finished. Maybe you’ll just sit awhile and try to finish it. You settle in with your pen in a spot where you can watch the wind gently shaking the golden leaves outside. There’s no reason to hurry. This is a moment that you want to savor…*

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    P.S I put over 80 hours of work (and love) into this video (all original artwork, animations, soundscape) to ensure the highest quality and most creative relaxation video I could create. It is a labor of love but if you enjoy my work and art please consider supporting in one of these ways:

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    *me doing my home work while making fake scenarios in my head metting my soulmate at cafe and becoming a true love*

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