Craziest Country Music Feuds of All Time

Featuring artists like Kid Rock, Garth Brooks, and much more, we take a look at some of the craziest country music feuds ever.

20 thoughts on “Craziest Country Music Feuds of All Time

  1. Puh-leez…TK made a huge deal out of a woman stating her own opinion. Because of the fuss he made, The Dixie Chicks received death threats, their CDs were burned in public, and their career almost over. Meanwhile, Toby has a vibrato you could put your fist through, and many of his songs are far from country. Perhaps if he hadn’t been so self righteous…Zac made a fair point about ONE song of Luke Brant’s… one in a long line of Luke’s “pop country” songs that had nothing to do with the genre. Zac’s not the only one sick of tailgate, daisy dukes, red solo cups, making out behind the barn songs so many fans of country music are getting sick of hearing.

  2. I dont agree with this as i do understand the rebel flag for alot stands for something hateful and never want to do that my child is mixed how ever that flag is more to a southern then a race thing its apart of our history which we are very proud of black and white fault and died for that flag and I have black family and friends and still lay my rebel flag proudly so I feel that instead of conformity to the world ideas and getting red of things that bring hate and pain education on history and the sacrifices made for that flag hate comes from lack of understanding not from an object we as ppl project hate on to others not that flag so grow up America love learn and realize that that flag to to alot of us is just as important as the American flag and stands for something just like the American flag yes lives was lose yes a group of ppl made it ugly but it dont have to be educate yourself and others rewrite history take away the pain and make it stand for something great again our black brothers fault and died for that Confederate flag proudly too remember that it wasnt a race thing it was a freedom a brake away from the Briton thing not something horrible

  3. I LOVE my “grandpas music” old is real country end of story. The country now is bs and more pop than anything.

  4. I cannot stand Blake Shelton. I love his songs well some of them but I can’t stand him as a person. He is such an egotistical arrogant POS

  5. I’d like to see Kid Rock kick the dog shit out of Barf Brooks! I met Barf and his 1st wife Sandy back in 1997 backstage at a Merle Haggard concert and I thought he was a jerk to her. She threatened to kick his ass right there in front of me if she caught him cheating again. Turns out he already was with that hag he left Sandy for. I don’t respect people like him.

  6. Found another channel to never watch. “Look at our logo and listen to my obnoxious narration.”🤣🤣🤣

  7. Travis Tritt is a way better country musician that Billy Ray Cyrus. Totally agree with Tritt about Achey Brakey Heart.

    Kid rock is semi-human feces. He’s not country.

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