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In deadmau5’s electronic music production course, you will learn from one of the most innovative electronic music producers working today. Laying out his approach to EDM production, deadmau5 will teach you how to build unique instrumental sounds, experiment with modular synths, and turn chord structures and melodies into full arrangements. Inviting you into his studio, Joel will walk you through plug-ins, give his take on the pros and cons of digital and analog synths, and provide insights on how to build a home studio without dropping millions on gear.

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Starting with the basics of melodic structure, deadmau5 pivots into what makes him one of the most inventive electronic music producers working today. In his class, you’ll watch how his tracks take shape in real time. After discussing how to structure electronic music tracks, Joel provides detailed lessons on mixing and mastering before launching into an in-depth breakdown of how he mastered his 2016 single, “Snowcone.”

Designed to serve electronic music producers of all skill levels, deadmau5’s MasterClass has lessons for you whether you’re a professional producer, or working out of a bedroom studio. With 23 video lessons and a customized workbook tailored to each chapter, deadmau5’s MasterClass will change how you produce electronic music. In this online class, deadmau5 teaches how to:

• Gather ideas for new tracks
• Develop melodic structures
• Create loops that resolve
• Tweak patches from scratch
• Innovate with plug-ins
• Layer kick drum samples
• Make a unique remix
• Mix and master a track
• Plan a DJ set
• Build your brand
• Navigate the music business

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  1. Did listen it many times,what he did say here is you can make a tune with just a few channels.That’s the advice I NEED right now! Wish me a luck to make a tune!! ^^

  2. I never skipped MasterClass ads. Gosh I wish I had more money and time for all the classes.

  3. I love how he says you only need a minimal amount of software while sitting in a spaceship

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