Don Felder – Heavy Metal Takin’ a Ride

Song: Heavy Metal (Takin’ a Ride)
Artist: Don Felder
Album: Heavy Metal (Soundtrack)

Featuring a clip from the 1981 movie Heavy Metal.

20 thoughts on “Don Felder – Heavy Metal Takin’ a Ride

  1. Any time this song plays I think of driving my pap’s 1962 Chevrolet bus.

    It’s pretty sweet..

  2. I think I was about 13-14 when this came out every kid I knew wanted to see this eventually someone had a bootleg tape got that call parents were home see it.

  3. I just looked up heavy metal and seen this. And as i was watching it, it seemed familiar. U remembered i just seen that south park episode.

  4. Holy shit i never knew this was a real thing I just thought it was a south park joke

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  7. This is on amazon prime video I might watch it, itll be hard, i. Not really into anime but I’ll do it just for this song

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