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19 thoughts on “Dutchavelli – Only If You Knew [Music Video] | GRM Daily

  1. Has anyone related Dutch merely achieved the illusion of fame with the aid of pulleys and two way mirrors. Also coming up tomorrow – the horned schoolboy who has been banned from maths, and metaphysics

  2. What is Cake? Well, it has an active ingredient which is a dangerous psychoactive compound known as dimesmeric andersonphospate. It stimulates the part of the brain called Shatner’s Bassoon, and that’s the bit of the brain that deals with time perception. So a second feels like a month. Well, it almost sounds like fun, unless you’re the Prague schoolboy who walked out into the street, straight in front of a tram. He thought he’d got a month to cross the street…

  3. Why are they all wearing jackets all bundled up inside? Can they not afford gas heating?

  4. Too bad I can t understand uk english..got family in London though..much love from Los🌴🌴

  5. Dutch would make a great villain on top boy… i hope all the madness doesn’t stop his potential! With ❤️ from across the pond AC NJ!

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