Epic Rock Metal Aggressive Gaming Music 2017

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00:00 Metal Guitar Stuff – Post Mortem
03:46 Metal Guitar Stuff – The Struggle
09:02 Metal Guitar Stuff – Onward
14:21 Metal Guitar Stuff – Challenges
18:42 Metal Guitar Stuff – Corruption
23:00 Metal Guitar Stuff – Obstacles
26:47 Metal Guitar Stuff – The Uprising
30:40 Metal Guitar Stuff – Revolution
36:14 Metal Guitar Stuff – Into The Void
42:07 Metal Guitar Stuff – Last Chance
47:26 Metal Guitar Stuff – Standing Ground
52:03 Metal Guitar Stuff – Calm Before The Storm
57:27 Metal Guitar Stuff – Redemption
01:01:43 Metal Guitar Stuff – Desecreation
01:05:35 Metal Guitar Stuff – No Remorse
01:09:48 Metal Guitar Stuff – Warhead
01:13:45 Metal Guitar Stuff – Departure
01:18:02 Metal Guitar Stuff – Hurricane
01:21:53 Metal Guitar Stuff – Desecreation Pt. 2
01:25:09 Metal Guitar Stuff – The Beginning
01:29:07 Metal Guitar Stuff – Closure

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Metal Guitar Stuff is the personal Youtube channel of the lead guitarist and composer of SHADOWMIND. On this channel I post mostly metal related backing tracks, but also other videos like cover songs, tutorials, guitar lessons and so on. I have been teaching guitar for several years and produced numerous albums for my own band and other bands. I have been playing guitar since 2007.

I own everything in my backing track / instructional / original song videos, including the audio recordings, editing and photography used. All software used has been purchased legally.

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20 thoughts on “Epic Rock Metal Aggressive Gaming Music 2017

  1. I heard the middle section of the intro rip in the first song and the guy had my fucking sub already. Those stack notes rip like a mf

  2. Game developers were playing Spyro the Dragon…listened to this…that’s how Century Age of Ashes was born….

  3. Прикольно меня брат посадил на рок

  4. This is my smashed potatoes recipe:
    Put potatoes at your table
    Press play
    Smash those fucking potatoes with your fucking head
    Add salt and pepper at your taste.

  5. This musics got me benefit to focus to my workout studying my lessons seriously 🚀🚀🔥🔥

  6. :me: shoots Mirrak with a bow oh no I hear boss MUSIC AHHHHHHHHH :Mirrak: C’MER BITCH

  7. Who know the name of his guitar wanna buy another guitar and i love the song he made i just need the name of it

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