Hey Guys I’m back again with a Idol Insider Video.YES this video is all about MUSIC SHOWS. I lot of detailed and raw talks in this video. If you have more question, comment down below.

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music in this video
hainan paradise -Siny
feel something -Snake City
restless minds -Yomoti
why dont you hold my Hand-Snake City
table for two -Snake City
what you saying-Snake City
getting tipsy 3 -Martin Landh
wait a minute-Snake City

20 thoughts on “EVERYTHING ABOUT KPOP MUSIC SHOWS RAW- Idol Insider πŸ”

  1. can someone tell me how many weeks or days do they have to perform in music shows?

  2. I’m still confused about pre recording vocals? … can someone explain it πŸ₯Ί

  3. wow its so crazy how we only see like 4 minutes but the work behind those 4 minutes takes 5-10+ hours!

  4. I have question. Is the entertainment in charge of the performance’s VCR or is it the broadcasting company??

  5. TBH I am not a fan of pre-corded vocals in kpop industry. Lip sync? I mean, I get it. I have been a kpop fan for over 10 years and I gotta say music shows were so different before: there were only either live or lip sync. Artists are exhausted and companies want to maintain quality. Thanks to technology, companies and music shows have got so much smarter now and have come up with the idea of pre-recorded vocals.

    The reasons behind this is manifold:
    1) idols have to prepare for so many music shows for one comeback and tbh they are so exhausted because of the tight schedule and they overuse their vocal cord. This is just a very unhealthy working culture. 2) Agencies KNOW that not all artists are good at singing and also that fans do MR removed videos. It is like OH WHY DON’T WE FOOL THEM BY MAKING EVEN MORE MISLEADING AND DISGUISING VOCALS??! I think this is a disrespect to the fans as well as the artists. 3) K-pop now has got so hyped up with badass choreography now partly because of YouTube and dance cover culture which is GREAT but vocals have been so overlooked and undermined nowadays. I feel sad about that because to me performance is not just about dancing (I am a trained performer too so I dance and sing as well.)

    As audience, I do not expect my idols to sing JUST LIKE CD on live but I rather appreciate their energy, stability and stage presence, which cannot be replaced by pre-recorded vocals.

  6. my sisters and i talk a lot about these things since we’re kpop fans obviously lol and i tell them all this information that i get from here and they think i know someone from the industry like 😳😳

  7. Bruh performing on music shows is really hard actually…With how people expect idols to sing live and perfectly, if you’re an idol, you have to sing, dance in those outfits, with jewelries hanging on you, with lots of makeup on your face and your hair done, manage to not look crappy and weird cause cameras are filming you AND also be careful about which camera you have to look at, not to mention that the projectors in those studios(?) make the stage super hot…all of these after hours of waiting in those rooms, while having woke up in early morning, probably not eaten enough food…That’s CRAZY cause I feel so frustrated when I do the least amount of make up and have my hair loosen for parties and stuff after an hour, I feel like wanting to take EVERYTHING of of me asap, idols have to do that for 2 to 4 weeks, and atleast 3 days each week… I kind of understand why idols don’t do live singing and people who expect them to do it well are being so selfish, they have to be on their shoes to know how hard it is and they write all of those hateful comments lying on their bed lol

  8. im really curious on how do idols prepare and wear their wireless microphone like is it attached to their in ear or is that different lol im very curious to this

  9. Why do you care if the other girls choose a 70% backing track (and sound better than you do when you’re sick and chose 30%) ?
    Was there a competition between the groupmates ? This sounds terrible, a group can’t have real, long lasting success if they’re not friends

  10. i just watched Big Bangs bae bae performance and 2NE1s performance with real parrot swans and rose petals and with sands.. these stages are crazy

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  12. Hi, can you please help me? I’ve been arguing with someone about SHINee’s don’t call me last stage. We both are fans of SHINee. But nowadays prerecorded vocals makes me confused. Because shinee last stage of don’t call me sounds way clearer than the encore stage which is a lil bit weird for me. So could u tell from your judgement is that REAL LIVE or LIVE with pre-recording vocals Or full pre-recorded vocals. Thank you very much

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