FEELING HAPPY Chill Nation Summer Mix 2019

❄️ ‘FEELING HAPPY (Chill Nation Summer Mix 2019)’

00:42 COZMOE – Before The New
3:58 All night long – Nora Van Elken
6:43 Attom – Always
9:42 Attom – Does it Even Matter
13:32 Eastern Odyssey – Supernova
16:20 TWO LANES – Back Down ft. Kwesi
19:43 TWO LANES – The East
22:30 Forester – Spark
26:30 Fairlane – Heartbeats
29:38 COZMOE – The Long Way Home
33:32 Nora Van Elken – Find You
36:41 Forester – Present
40:03 Kozah – Lost In Cosmos
43:21 Eastern Odyssey – Critical Mass
46:38 TWO LANES – Awake
48:55 Fairlane & Trove – Crumble
52:00 Blonde Maze – All the While

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19 thoughts on “FEELING HAPPY Chill Nation Summer Mix 2019

  1. Yes yes, the long awaited SUMMER 2019 Mix is here for the people of Chill Nation. Thank you guys for behind so patient lately and understanding the new sound of Chill Nation. Thank you for tuning in for every upload and sticking with the channel for years (you know who you are, we love you). I want this mix to make you feel good inside, good about yourself & everyone around you. Turn this mix on when you’re wanting to feel GREAT, whether it’s a party, in your room, or just kicking back and hanging with family. Hope this summer is a special one for you <3 xo - Chill Nation

  2. I need a girl who listens to this stuff. Think its time for me to find what i really want.6 years rocky relationship and i feel we should at least like the same music?. Am i wrong??

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