First REACTION to “Metal Music” Slipknot Nero Forte


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20 thoughts on “First REACTION to “Metal Music” Slipknot Nero Forte

  1. 🔥SHARE WITH ONE FRIEND 🔥What should be my next Rock and Roll 🎸/ Metal/ Country reaction🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ Drop it 👇🏽👇🏽

  2. I’m a huge slipknot fan, and have grown to really like your reviews! Keep up the awesome work on your channel! The masks are supposed to represent how you feel on the inside, projecting all your ugly feelings out to the world and forcing them to see it.

  3. Need to show this man some thing heavier, Corey never once went there in this song.

    Show him Corey’s darkness!!!

    Get him on The Negative One
    Or the old RoadRunner United collab The Rich Man

  4. you should bring the lyrics up as you listen so you can provide an even more in depth reaction to the song. That would be sickkk

  5. Dude I thought you were gonna drink that candle I was scared for a minute

  6. They wear masks, beacuse when they started doin music, they didnt want to show their faces. Ifi remember right, first time when they went infront of people without masks, was when The original basist died. Paul Gray R.I.P

  7. They change their mask on all of their albums. Fun fact Taylor’s hairs are actually fake they’re the one of his mask! XD

  8. I play metal, love listening to it, but don’t necessarily “look metal.” I’ll tell you though, most of the edgier looking people in the scene are really nice and genuine

  9. Slipknots masks represent a side of them each one has their own demons aka pain in life and or fear and they portray them with their maskes ( for the most part)

  10. Slipknot were really self starters, they made their own image and style and ran with it at a time when nobody was really about it… And they effectively made it institution. Melodic Death Metal had doors open in general appeal because of this band’s popularity.

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