20 thoughts on “George Benson plays the blues over rhythm changes

  1. …..ja, genau so hätte ich das auch gemacht….ö-höm, oder hab ich das geträumt???

  2. I just l listened to licks I’ve NEVER heard before! I’ll be slowing down these leads and using them. WOW!!!

  3. but hang on…isn’t Slash supposed to be the best guitarist of all time…?

  4. Embarrassed to say this but I never knew he was such a brilliant guitarist. I only really knew the name. I’m going to really start listening to his stuff.

  5. Had the honor to meet Brother Benson in the the mid 90’s n you won’t find a nicer guy in this industry/ My friend i were doing Hendrix n Cream covers @ the time I really only knew him for his Superaltive Voice-N of Course Monster hits like On BroadWay n Brezzin etc/N wish i could pick his Brain on his early days-He was the first Guitar player MILES DAVIS used on Miles in the sky on the killa track “Paraphernalia”. I think he gets lost a bit cus of Wes Montgomery n his Octave approach but George could hang with anyone/Cus I can play this here Guitar!

  6. It’s that weird bebop sort of stuff. I know it is “high level” but i hate it.

  7. He’s playing all the notes with his thumb and barley his other fingers. That’s how legendary this man is

  8. Why is that guy playing all over the place when he supposed to be ‘backing’?

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