Golden Classic Country Songs Of 80s 90s – Top 100 Country Music Of 1980s 1990s 1

Golden Classic Country Songs Of 80s 90s – Top 100 Country Music Of 1980s 1990s #1
[00:00:00] – 01. I Cross My Heart
[00:03:32] – 02. Its Five O Clock Somewhere
[00:07:22] – 03. The Gambler
[00:10:53] – 04. Troubadour
[00:13:47] – 05. Remember When
[00:18:13] – 06. Carrying Your Love With Me
[00:22:03] – 07. Amarillo By Morning
[00:24:46] – 08. Josh Turner – Your Man
[00:28:14] – 09. Chattahoochee
[00:32:11] – 10. Check Yes Or No
[00:35:28] – 11. She Believes In Me
[00:39:46] – 12. Take My Hand, Precious Lord
[00:42:08] – 13. He Stopped Loving Her Today
[00:45:22] – 14. Jim Reeves – Welcome To My World
[00:48:00] – 15. Willie Nelson – On The Road Again
[00:50:30] – 16. Youre My Best Friend
[00:53:19] – 17. Kiss an angel good morning
[00:55:31] – 18. When You Say Nothing at All
[00:59:11] – 19. The Most Beautiful Girl
[01:01:55] – 20. I’d Love To Lay You Down
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