Guthrie Trapp – Jazz Blues Rhythm Introduction

Hey friends, here’s a little clip introducing the jazz side of blues rhythm ala Freddy Green style.

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Thanks friends!

20 thoughts on “Guthrie Trapp – Jazz Blues Rhythm Introduction

  1. Your “down home” nature makes for such a relaxed learning environment. Even when you’re teaching stuff that I’ve known for years, you’re approach is so informative and the concepts are so easy to digest that I still learn new things or at least a new way of thinking of things that I already knew. You sir are a treasure…

  2. Are you gonna show how to do those licks that you are playing. Man I kinda got it. I just need a little more information and instruction. I really really do thank you and appreciate it. I don’t make much, but I can help buy your coffee. You are a God send, for what you are doing. Forever grateful in Alabama…Austin

  3. Thats what I NEEDED man THANK YOU, man your great with that! its symmetry via 1/2 step connection that appeals to my brain but the foundation remains the same 145 Then on the 6 3 2 5..1 Turnaround your useing a b9 Arp on the 6 and the 5 to make a 1/2 step connection to the next chord,,, symmetry! LOVE IT so the line goes G#G F# F to the I [ E note ]

  4. Guthrie do you have r&b courses. All I see is mainly aimed at the country guitarist. I love all music, but I make part of my living in urban gospel and some r&b. Thanks

  5. so good lesson, thanks a lot ! those chords make me think about gypsy jazz , have you ever played some ?

  6. Watched this quite a few times. My favorite so far of all your videos. Right in my wheel house of what I like to hear / play. Thanks.

  7. Guthrie, thankyou for all of your dedication and kindness. You’re probably my favorite musician-guitarist.
    I’ve been playing guitar for 36 years and of course, I continue to be a student of guitar. My deepest thankyou for your kind attitude, phenomenal playing and insight and overall great content here man.

  8. Good way to play to play your part and stay out of the frequency ranges of the other players in the band.

  9. I know im late to this party, but hot damn, i learned so much from this one. Thanks for the free lesson, man!

  10. Oh lawd! So, Guthrie…you realize that you’ve basically injected 4-string bass players with a major dose of serotonin with this “spelling out complex harmony with just three notes” stuff, right? Blues trios should be gettin’ “really interesting” to listen to, after this 🙂 Harmonic, double/triple-stop craziness (on the bass) will ensue! Lol

  11. I’d love to meet the 4 people that disliked this video to hear of there objections to such an amazingly gifted guitarist sharing so much for free.
    Guthrie seems to be the humblest of gents and his teaching style so personal and genuine that to dislike this video you must have absolutely no interest in the style of music he plays. In which case, why bother sharing an opinion at all.

  12. Eeeeeeeeeewew eeeweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeweeeeeeeeweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewweeeeeeweweeweeeeeeeeee situations wc

  13. Is it just me or does this guy have a pair of mitts 👍. Like Andes Segovia 🥳. Segovia didn’t need a trust rod wrench, he would use his hands 🤣

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