Harmonica Lessons – 14 Shuffle Rhythm – Blues Harmonica Blueprint – Annie Raines


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  1. I think you’re asking about blocking 2 holes to get the octave. Chances are you’re opening your mouth too much. Close your jaw so your teeth are almost touching. You should still be able to play 1-2-3-4 together. Place the tip of your tongue on the post between the 2 and 3 hole, don’t press it, just let it rest there. It’s a small area, just let your tongue overlap to cover the 2 and 3 holes. Now the air can only get to 1 and 4. Don’t forget to keep things pretty small but relaxed.

  2. Regarding bending the 2 draw: first you want to work on getting a good sound on the 2 draw without bending, so it sounds sweet and not airy. I have found that using phonetic sounds (like “t” and “k” help with articulating bends. I have lots of tips for these techniques on the full course, which is linked above.

  3. The backing tracks come with the full Blues Harmonica Blueprint video, which you can download or order as a data DVD from paulandannie (dot com) or from Truefire’s website

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  5. what harmonica did you use to teach this Lesson? thank you for let me know….is it a A or G or? you are so great… wow!

  6. Annie reminds me of a sweet Jewish girl I used to date. When I picked her up on a Saturday, she would duck down in my car so others wouldn’t see she was breaking the Sabbath. At the time I didn’t really understand, but now that I’m older, I realize she was really risking a lot to just spend time with me. Annie’s harmonica lessons give me the same warm feeling. I haven’t felt that for 20 years. Thanks Annie.

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