How To Make DOOM Like Metal Music like Mick Gordon in FL Studio

You cannot play any instrument but you want to create KILLER metal tracks inspired by Mick Gordon’s music from Doom and Doom Eternal? Well.. Don’t be discouraged! See how Will creates crazy guitar riffs and synths in FL Studio 20.


*The Odin 2 by Solemn Tones
Guitar VST Plugin

*Ample Bass P Lite
Bass Guitar VST Plugin

*Poulin LeCab2
*Poulin LeGion
Guitar Amp & Distortion

Guitar Pedal Emulator

*Ignite Amps Emissary
Guitar Amp VST


Cybersynth 2033:

Ultimate Producer Bundle 2020:


0:00 Intro
1:17 How to create a head-bang worthy guitar riff with The Odin 2 by Solemn Tones
3:13 Metal style Drums fused with synthetic drums to create more impact
4:27 Create a guitar bass pattern underneath the melody
4:57 Guitar and bass post-processing: EQ, Maximus, Distortion and Guitar amp/pedal emulators
6:33 Make the guitar sound richer and more powerful with supporting sound layers
8:28 Synth elements, low choir, atmospheric high violins and screechy synths
10:01 Sound effects: Choir, crash, cymbal, reversed hits
10:30 Aggressive guitar riff and bassline variation | Drum pattern
11:45 Transitioning in a extremely layered heavy finale part
12:20 Final arrangement and playthrough of the Doom inspired music track
13:30 Outro


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20 thoughts on “How To Make DOOM Like Metal Music like Mick Gordon in FL Studio

  1. As a matter of interest, you’re talking about a bunch of cabinet and amp plugins with impulses. But why didn’t you think Fruity Convolver and FL’s own Hardcore pedals etc. were good enough?

  2. Good job, mate! Nice way to solve things with the minimum resources and really well explained.

  3. Protip if you are broke af and cant get the paid guitar vsts like shreddage or odin there is a free guitar soundbank for sforzando called metal gtx that’s pretty good (at least as far as free vsts/soundfonts go, I couldn’t tell you how well it compares to the paid ones since I dont have them yet 😂), if you want it just search unreal instruments metal gtx

  4. Hell Yeah, Tried using Emissary, but the damn thing is borderline impossible for me to install, I dont know what I’m doing wrong, the bundle it’s sold with has 50 downloads, but I don’t want all of them, just the emissary plugin. It’s downloading as a WinZip file.

  5. *Procrastinates at work and listens to some Doom music… clicks this video and laughs to myself*
    Me: Yeah yeah another “producer” gonna show me sooo much….
    *skips to the last part of the video where the song is playing*
    *clicks Subscribe*

  6. Good Lord! It was really awesome! For a casual player like me it sounded like a part of original Mike,s sounds… Thanks for this great work and keep on!

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