How to Play this Insane Delta Blues Rhythm


Delta Blues can seem like the most elusive style of blues to play. The greats like Charley Patton, Son House and of course, Robert Johnson seemed to have this insane command of rhythm.

And it shows up in their playing.

In this lesson, we’re going to walk beat-by-beat through a Delta Blues style rhythm in Open G (Spanish) tuning to help you get on the trail to playing parts from the great delta blues players.

Good luck and…

Play On!


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20 thoughts on “How to Play this Insane Delta Blues Rhythm

  1. Hey, hey folks! The turnaround at the beginning and the end is slightly different. Caught in the moment 😊 but the lesson should get you in the ballpark. Enjoy!

  2. Excellent lesson! Man-o-man, hearing that good ol’ thump and pop is like candy to the ears. It takes me back to a time when they had a house dance party that only had one guitar player for the entertainment. No cables and wires everywhere. Just some cat doing his thing with people loving it. That is special indeed. Great job John!

  3. First time I’ve caught the sound of the resonator on headphones….should be on everyone’s next guitars list..

  4. Lovin’ the Tuesday blues! I’ve got a resonator that I don’t use enough so I’m working hard on this one. Thanks for another great lesson John.

  5. Fantastic lesson! Didn’t think you needed to spend as much time explaining the popping of the strings.. but a cracking lesson, much appreciated!

  6. That’s a great tune! Thank you for that! Love it, that this is played on a resonator guitar.

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