How to Produce an Indie Rock Song

EDIT: You can listen to the full song here along with a few more goofy slappers:

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In today’s episode of “How to Produce”, we turn our attention to little old indie rock. Why you ask? Who doesn’t like indie! I mean have you heard Talking Heads before? Innovation nation.

But to current times, we use all kinds of samples and gadgets to create something fresh yet deceptively familiar. Catchy drums? Check. Soothing guitar? You bet. A whistle line?! Ahh yes, indie rock it is.

Join me on this goofy adventure! You won’t want to miss this one 🙂

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  1. man the songwriting and arrangement vibe with me so well. That top line is just so pleasant, got yourself a sub!

  2. Hey do you get crazy buzz from that Ibanez bass? Mine is awful but I have a focusrite scarlet solo

  3. this just got recommended to me and damn i love ur content, it’s so easy to get into a watch. imma subscribe rn.

  4. YOOOO LOVE THIS CONTENT DUDE– definitely a sub from me. I’m just learning how to put together music arrangements / produce music and this helped a lot!! 😀

  5. I watched this video expecting you to have like 50k subs or something. very underrated. best of luck to you and your channel, definitely subscribed.

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