How to Sidechain in Electronic Dance Music FL Studio

Sidechaining in EDM is a bit different than in other styles. This technique is good to know regardless of what genre you are writing.

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12 thoughts on “How to Sidechain in Electronic Dance Music FL Studio

  1. Thanks for sharing! As someone who always used FL-limiter, this does seem to be way more polished. Maybe a bit more stuff to handle, but I’ll get used to it. =D

  2. great tutorial! one thing though. could you please not move the cursor so abruptly all over the place because it’s sooo annoying since that’s what people usually follow with their eyes in tutorials like this one. just a suggestion 🙂

  3. hey guys…….i have been working on dubstep for about a year and i think its time for me to show you what i can do. i just posted a demo of what i do, if you want to listen to it my soundcloud is JUNO. idc if you listen to it just to talk trash about, i just need people to critique my work.

  4. If your using the automation clip to sidechain that IS a visual. Its really simple to duck with peak controller. Its free. Its visual.

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