How To Write An “Indie Rock” Song

This song was written ironically.
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Combining elements from bands like Arcade Fire, the Lumineers, and Vampire Weekend, this song was written and recorded in two days, and then we made a video that looks like an Urban Outfitters commercial.

Music written and recorded by Jared Sosa

Performed by Jared Sosa and Jamie Renee Williams

20 thoughts on “How To Write An “Indie Rock” Song

  1. 5 years ago i really liked this song and then i was really upset… but now im back and i didnt like it. i guess this was an accomplishment that i will never forget

  2. These guys are amazing. This is maybe the best video I see on Youtube. The girl blinking at 1:51.. amazing

  3. Couple years ago indie was in car commercials. Now indie is just better. I’m starting an indie band to get popular among the cute girls. All the cute ones like indie.

  4. i always come back to this video and it’s more nostalgic than ever. i hope the pals i watched this with are okay

  5. Hey that last part that sounds “totally different”wl sounded strangely similar to arcade fires Wake up 🤔🤔 mostly the piano lol

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